LEARN Project

An Initiative by Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi, MP (Hyderabad)

Come, participate, speak and express your views on #LEARNerBaithak | Should we change names of cities?

#LEARNProject #DemocraticallyYours

What we see in the media shapes our minds.
Come, join #LEARNProject to discuss your perspectives and inclination towards political involvement at #LEARNerBaithak

Let's use the energy of youth for some constructive conversations.

Come, join #LEARNProject for #LEARNerBaithak | Should we change names of cities?
When: 21st February, Thursday at 4:30 PM
Where: Garden in front of the Secretariat (Opposite Lumbini Park) #DemocraticallyYours

'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'
Should we change names of cities?
Join #LEARNProject for #LEARNerBaithak on 21 Feb to discuss and dissent.
#LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

Does changing city names change the standard of living of its population?

We want to know your opinions. Come, join us to discuss and dissent at #LEARNerBaithak https://t.co/LxhHdLgxzm

#LEARNProject #DemocraticallyYours

Involvement of youth in politics is not only good for society, but necessary for society.

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Come let’s deliberate together on 21st Feb 2019 for a Youth Baithak | Should we change names of cities?

#LEARNerBaithak #LearnWithAsad #HydYB #DemocraticallyYours

Should Hyderabad be renamed as Bhagyanagar?

We want to know your opinions. Come, join us to discuss and dissent at #LEARNerBaithak https://t.co/LxhHdLgxzm

#LEARNProject #DemocraticallyYours

We invite you to voice your opinion.
Come, join us on 21, February 2019 for a Youth #LEARNerBaithak | Should we change names of cities

#LEARNProject #DemocraticallyYours #HydYB

Irani tea and notes. Yeah, that's how we jump start our day at #LEARNProject.

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Have you heard others still call it Bombay? Do you still call it Bombay? Ever wondered how Mumbai came about to exist?

Come let’s deliberate together on 21 Feb for a #LEARNerBaithak | Should we change names of cities?

#LEARNProject #LearnWithAsad #HydYB #DemocraticallyYours

Fathima Beevi opened a closed door for women. If she can, so can you.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

In times like these, if one day you’re informed that your city is being renamed to a name that you do not associate with, voicing your opinion about such significant changes becomes all the more necessary.
Join #LEARNProject on Feb, 21
#LEARNerBaithak #DemocraticallyYours

Should we change names of cities?
Come discuss and dissent with your peers at #LEARNProject #LEARNerBaithak on 21 February, 2019.


What is the most important issue for the youth of India today?
#LEARNProject #DemocraticallyYours

One of the crucial steps for women empowerment is listening to their voices.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

#WalkWithAsad Charminar Heritage Walk with Barrister @asadowaisi

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

Women empowerment is the need of the hour. Mere lip-service is not going to bring empowerment, a sense of respect for women needs to be inculcated in our younger generation.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

Piece on #LEARNProject in this morning's https://t.co/6MDzVsApPR. A great start to our Tuesday.

..and more.
#WalkWithAsad continues to make news in the media.
We thank all the #LEARNers for making this event possible.
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#WalkWithAsad Rediscovering the Lost Glory of Hyderabad | A Heritage Walk with @asadowaisi coverage in print media.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

#LEARNers got an opportunity to #WalkWithAsad and #LEARN from him about the history and heritage of Hyderabad. @asadowaisi also interacted with the students and answered their questions on youth participation in Parliamentary Democracy.
##LEARNWithAsad #LEARNProject


Are you ready to #WalkWithAsad?

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To fulfill Dr. Ambedkar's vision of society, you have to participate in the decision-making process.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

#LEARNProject’s philosophy is underpinned by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s approach to constitutional and parliamentary form of democracy. 

#WalkWithAsad and learn more about our city's rich history and composite culture.

RSVP to reachlearnproject@gmail.com with your name, college name and contact details.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

Barrister @asadowaisi has been one of those few parliamentarians who have used his education and intellect to raise the voice of the unheard.
#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

#WalkWithAsad and rediscover the lost glory of Hyderabad
Participate in a heritage walk with your MP @asadowaisi, as we learn more about our city's rich culture.
RSVP with your details to reachlearnproject@gmail.com.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

An Invitation to the Youth of Hyderabad from @asadowaisi

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#LEARNProject #DemocraticallyYours

#WalkWithAsad and rediscover the lost glory of Hyderabad
Participate in a heritage walk with your MP @asadowaisi, as we learn more about our city's rich culture.
RSVP with your details to reachlearnproject@gmail.com.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours

#DidYouKnow not even 10% urban and rural youth of India have high interest in politics.

#LEARNProject #LEARNWithAsad #DemocraticallyYours #TimeToBeTheChange

#DidYouKnow Women and Muslims MPs constitute only 12.2% and 3.85% respectively in the 16th Lok Sabha.

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We are breaking the internet.
Barrister @asadowaisi's #LEARNProject has clocked more than 1000 registrations on Day 1.
We welcome all the LEARNers on-board.

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#LEARNProject touches the fourth pillar of democracy. #BecomeALEARNer on https://t.co/ngAFrS4afX
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#DidYouKnow Presently, the Lok Sabha has 545 seats which is made up by election of up to 543 elected members and 2 nominated members.
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Hyderabad’s young men & women have a right to participate in the political process. Through #LEARNProject @asadowaisi wants to learn from your experiences & ensure that he represents you more effectively. #BecomeALEARNer, register on https://t.co/IlXK4PSs5g #DemocraticallyYours


LEARN Project aims to cultivate and groom the spirit of constitutionalism in the youth of Hyderabad. It will cater to their rigorous concerns by chanellising their vigour towards learning core values of constitutional democracy. The Project intends to form not only aware, but well informed young women and men who are capable of deliberating on different issues through democratic mediums.

LEARN Project

The LEARN Project is the brainchild of Barrister Assaduddin Owaisi to strengthen the culture and uphold the tenets of Parliamentary Democracy amongst the youth of Hyderabad.
The Project is focused on training young women and men between the ages of 18 and 25 years to engage with democracy in ways that go beyond the casting of their vote. The young women and men will indulge in participating in and developing tools to identify and discuss subjects that affect their present, future, surrounding environments and communities.
Nearly 29% of India’s voters belong to the age group of 18 and 25 years that require a formal effort to engage and participate in nation-building, necessary to steer the country towards a new age of effective, accountable and innovative government.
If one has to safeguard India’s constitutional and democratic values in future, it is essential that our young people learn how to engage with India’s electoral and political system. LEARN Project has been launched this object.


Each activity in the LEARN Project will be conducted under with its own unique approach. Though, all engagement activities have a common underlying objective to inculcate aspects of our democratic system amongst the youth, as they were intended to be instilled at the time of making the Constitution of India. The activities are:

Youth Parliament

To take the youth from talk to walk, practicing conversations from the desk of a representative becomes imperative. Youth Parliament has been designed to enable participants to rehearse this act of engaging in fruitful debates. Designed according to the rules and conventions of the procedures followed in the Parliament of India, the participants will represent different political factions and will get a chance to experience the procedure of amendment through a Private Member Bill, and will get an opportunity to debate and voice their opinions. The first-hand understanding of the Parliament is aimed to expose the youth on how India is being run and the expectations thereof.

Heritage Walk

The foundations of Indian democracy have been deeply influenced by the varied cultural heritage that we inherited. It is the pride in our collective pasts that drives us to grow together and nurture the roots of democracy in our country. Young students would be guided by Hon’ble Member of Parliament Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi on a tour of heritage sites across the architecturally rich city of Hyderabad. These Heritage Walks aim to enhance pride and imbibe a sense of responsibility towards their past and heritage.

Youth Baithak

The space for agreeing to disagree in our national discourse is decreasing and the fault lines within our society are becoming wider. The Baithaks will serve as a platform for the youth to assemble and reclaim public places to discuss and dissent on various issues of local and global importance. Youth Baithaks will give young people an opportunity to formulate, learn and unlearn opinions of varied facets as well as express them while upholding the democratic principle of fair and equal participation by leaving no one behind. A report of these discussions will then be forwarded to the Member of Parliament as a ‘Youth Voice Book’ which will entail details of the topics discussed across perceived issues, suggested solutions and action points.

India Quiz

India Quiz is aimed at increasing the awareness about India. It is a unique opportunity for young students to participate, increase their information banks and demonstrate their understanding of the Indian history, heritage and culture.

Wall Painting and Poster Making

For every person who likes to have fun with colours, this event will be a platform for them to provide shape to their ideas. The artistically inclined can use this opportunity to demonstrate their vision about the future of the society that they live in through paintings and posters. Selected ideas will get an opportunity to display their art on prominent spaces within the confines of Hyderabad Parliamentary Constituency


Get a chance to interact with Member of Parliament Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi

Certificate for participants and winners

Study Tour of Telangana Assembly

Study Tour of Parliament

Intern with an MP/MLA


Who can become a participant of the LEARN Project?
LEARN Project is for students who are residents of Hyderabad.
Why should I participate in these events?
LEARN Project provides you the opportunity to express yourself through various activities and at the same time a chance to interact with your MP. Apart from that participants may also get certificate, study tour of Telangana State Assembly and Parliament or a chance to work with MP and MLAs.
Do I need any special skills to participate in the events?
No. All the activities are open for everyone who is eligible. The events have been designed so that participants can learn and have fun at the same time.
Will my studies be affected by these events?
Proper care will be been taken in informing heads of colleges (Principals, HODs et cetera.) about the schedule of activities and engagements during the course of the LEARN Project so as to facilitate maximum participation. Also, most activities will take place over weekends, details of which will be shared through different forums in advance
How can I register for the activities and engagements under the LEARN Project?
Participate in one or more activity by filling the form (scroll below the FAQs)
Where should I reach out in case of a query?
You can mail us at reachlearnproject@gmail.com OR call us on +91 912-198-2933

Volunteer with the LEARN Project

Enroll as a Volunteer and participate in all the listed activities

Which event would you like to participate in

Youth BaithakYouth ParliamentHeritage WalkPoster making and Wall PaintingQuiz

Apart from participating, would you like to engage more closely with Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi?